Tiane Dai, M.D.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

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1124 W. Carson St.
C-1 Annex
Torrance, CA 90502-2064

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(310) 222-3891


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2012- Member of American Society of Nephrology

2008 2011 Member of American College of Physicians

2006 Member of American Diabetes Association

2003 2008 Member of American Society of Nephrology

1999 2001 Member of American Society of Human Genetics

1990 - 1998 Member of Chinese Medical Association



Science and Technology award of Hunan province 1998

Scholarship award of Asian Molecular Biology Organization in Japan. 1997

Xiangya Hospital Science and Technology award. 1994

The most Outstanding Graduates Award (only issued to 1% graduates) 1988

Scholastic Achievement Award 1995-1998






Janus Kinase Signaling Activation in the Mediation of Peritoneal Inflammation In Vitro, Ex Vivo And In Vivo In Response To Peritoneal Dialysate.
February 2, 2013, National Kidney Foundation, San Diego, CA

April 2, 2013, National Kidney Foundation, Orlando, Florida







A. Research Papers - Peer Reviewed


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Janus Kinase Signaling Activation in the Mediation of Peritoneal Inflammation In Vitro, Ex Vivo And In Vivo In Response To Peritoneal Dialysate